Environmental Policy

Miller Launch’s activities have an important impact on the environment in which we live. The water, air, and land are dependent upon our conduct All operations will be performed in an environmentally responsible and lawful manner. Miller’s Launch will:

  • Miller’s Launch continuously monitor all environmental aspects of our operations and seek to minimize the impacts on the environment and strive for zero spills to the environment.
  • Minimize the generation of hazardous waste to the extent technically and economically feasible and handle all wastes in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Will comply fully with all pertinent environmental laws and regulations.
  • Utilize Miller’s Launch’s experienced skills and financial resources to reduce pollution and promote environmental conservation in our operations.
  • Prevent spills, leaks and releases and maintain contingency plans. In the event of an accidental discharge, assure appropriate notification and expeditious clean up.
  • Cooperate with the government to help promulgate sound regulations and environmental laws and inform the government of the impact of such laws and regulations on Miller’s Launch.
  • Insure all employees that are involved in environmental activities are well trained and abreast of new developments relating to that responsibility.
    Miller’s Launch and affiliates will comply fully with all pertinent environmental laws and regulations.
  • Keep abreast and monitor public attitudes on environmental matters so that the Company’s environmental policies and public statement can be responsive to those attitudes.
  • Miller’s Launch will communicate its environmental commitment to its employees and the general public.
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