Towing & Salvage

Miller’s is heavily involved with both commercial and recreational towing.

Our fast-responding vessels allow us quick access to vessels in distress in New Jersey and New York. Whether you ran out of gas while yachting with the family or lost your steering pump on your Subchapter M inspected Tugboat we are here to help. Some of our services include:

Towing – If your vessel is broken down and needs a tow give a call and let one of our team members get you back to your dock safely.

Fuel Delivery – Things don’t always go as expected. A faulty fuel gauge or unexpected lack of fuel can sometimes turn a good day bad. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Miller’s fleet of towing vessels always carry Gasoline & Diesel as well as 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oil; just let us know what you need.

Jump Start – That new sound system sounded so good all day while you were anchored up off Sandy Hook but now the boat won’t start; don’t worry it has happened to us too. Give our team a call and we can send a boat out to you for a quick jump start so you can get back underway.

Dock To Dock Towing – Did you know that some TowBoatU.S. memberships cover dock to dock towing. This comes in handy when your vessel needs some help getting from one marina to another. Give our team a call and find out how we can get you from A to B with no hassle.

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Qualifications & Credentials

Need Help Deciding What Vessel or Equipment is Right for Your Project?

Our website has a ton of information. So much so, that it might be easier for us to tell you the services that we can't provide! Please give us a call and let us help you solve your marine needs.
What information should I gather before reaching out?

The short answer is none. If you require marine support for your project our experienced team can guide you through most any situation. If you want to be proactive some key facts that will help us determine what vessels and equipment might be right for you are…

What are we moving and how much are we moving? People, assets, and bulk materials may require different vessels or equipment.

Where are we going to be operating? Some locations may have some limitations that you are not aware of, such as water depth or low bridges that may be an obstacle. If we know where we are going, we can better help you determine the best vessels and equipment for your project.

Duration of project? Are you looking for vessel for a few hours or a few years? We can help with both; knowing duration may better guide our suggestions.

How do I know what size vessel I need?

There are many factors that go into what size vessel you will require for a particular job. Some of these factors may include: location of operations, amount of people you are looking to have on board the vessel, what type of equipment or materials you are trying to move, what type of support you are actually looking for just to name a few. Our team are experts at interacting with customers like yourself to find out what your job requirements are so that we can make the best recommendation to you.

What if I can’t talk about the details of my project?

The short answer is YES. We are very accustomed to talking broadly about our capabilities where no sensitive details need to be exchanged. If it looks like we may be a good candidate for you we are also very comfortable in dealing with Non-Disclosure Agreements, or NDAs for short. We have a long track record of not discussing your private business with anyone else.

I don’t see a vessel that meets my needs...

The short answer is YES. Our fleet may be more versatile than you think; we have used our equipment and vessels in many different ways that at first glance do not seem apparent. Give us a call and let someone from our team solve your marine support problems.

Our company was started with one vessel and now boasts more than 70+ pieces of floating equipment. We are always looking to expand our fleet and the best way to do that is by talking with our customers to find out what new unique equipment they would love to see in the Miller catalog.

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