Containment Booming

If you are looking for a Containment Booming Contractor, you have come to the right place.

Miller’s has been deploying oil boom, turbidity boom, permanent hard boom and everything in between for over 40 years. Contact our staff today and find out how we can meet all of your booming needs. Facility Booming has been a core business for Miller’s. Our experience goes back to the pre-booming requirements implemented by OPA 90. We recognize the importance of continual monitoring and communication. Let our team be the boots on the ground to keep your assets protected from a pollution event. In the event that you do have an incident, Miller’s has you covered; our teams are highly trained and experienced in dealing with a variety of pollution containment and clean up situations. You can rest easy knowing that the Miller team is on standby for you.

Miller’s can also provide Average Most Probable Discharge coverage

Per your Vessel Response Plan (VRP) if you are transferring cargo, you will need Average Most Probable Discharge (AMPD) Coverage. Miller’s got you covered; just give our dispatchers a call and we can set up your coverage today. For customers already familiar with our New York services you can simply click on our SERVICE PORTAL at the top of this page for our AMPD coverage forms. For any questions, please give our office a call today and someone will walk you through the process.

Why choose Miller’s for your booming contractor?

24/7 Emergency Response

The Miller’s team is on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will respond quickly to any emergency situations. Miller’s has crew and equipment strategically staged throughout New York to respond to any incident. Give our dispatchers a call anytime and we will get a response team underway to you.

Large Jetboat Fleet

Our trained staff have access to a big fleet of Jet-Propelled vessels which are ideal in booming operations. Jet Propelled vessels are ideal for two reasons; first, they have relatively low water drafts that allows them to get into very shallow places that other vessels would not dare to venture. Having Jet-Propelled vessels on scene also is a time saver. Unlike conventional propelled vessels our Jet-Propelled fleet can easily drive right over the containment boom. This minimizes boom openings and closing, keeping the contaminated area contained.

Oil Spill Removal Organization

Miller’s has been an Oil Spill Removal Organization, or OSRO, contractor since 1987. Our personnel are Hazwoper trained and certified in oil spill response operations including booming, skimmer operations, and oil pollution recovery. Our facilities are also equipped with thousands of feet of oil containment boom and thousands of pounds of oil spill recover materials that are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Qualifications & Credentials

Need Help Deciding What Vessel or Equipment is Right for Your Project?

Our website has a ton of information. So much so, that it might be easier for us to tell you the services that we can't provide! Please give us a call and let us help you solve your marine needs.
What information should I gather before reaching out?

The short answer is none. If you require marine support for your project our experienced team can guide you through most any situation. If you want to be proactive some key facts that will help us determine what vessels and equipment might be right for you are…

What are we moving and how much are we moving? People, assets, and bulk materials may require different vessels or equipment.

Where are we going to be operating? Some locations may have some limitations that you are not aware of, such as water depth or low bridges that may be an obstacle. If we know where we are going, we can better help you determine the best vessels and equipment for your project.

Duration of project? Are you looking for vessel for a few hours or a few years? We can help with both; knowing duration may better guide our suggestions.

How do I know what size vessel I need?

There are many factors that go into what size vessel you will require for a particular job. Some of these factors may include: location of operations, amount of people you are looking to have on board the vessel, what type of equipment or materials you are trying to move, what type of support you are actually looking for just to name a few. Our team are experts at interacting with customers like yourself to find out what your job requirements are so that we can make the best recommendation to you.

What if I can’t talk about the details of my project?

The short answer is YES. We are very accustomed to talking broadly about our capabilities where no sensitive details need to be exchanged. If it looks like we may be a good candidate for you we are also very comfortable in dealing with Non-Disclosure Agreements, or NDAs for short. We have a long track record of not discussing your private business with anyone else.

I don’t see a vessel that meets my needs...

The short answer is YES. Our fleet may be more versatile than you think; we have used our equipment and vessels in many different ways that at first glance do not seem apparent. Give us a call and let someone from our team solve your marine support problems.

Our company was started with one vessel and now boasts more than 70+ pieces of floating equipment. We are always looking to expand our fleet and the best way to do that is by talking with our customers to find out what new unique equipment they would love to see in the Miller catalog.

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