Safety Policy

Miller’s is committed to creating an incident-free workplace for all our employees, customers, and contractors.  

At Miller’s, we will:  

  • Commit to safety in all phases of our operations. 
  • Stop work whenever concerned with HSE risk and only continue if the risk is reduced appropriately. 
  • Maintain efficiency in our daily operations by doing every job safely and correctly the first time. 
  • Operate our vessels in a manner that protects the life and health of our employees, the community, and the marine environment. 
  • Make it a line management responsibility to provide visible leadership in the implementation of HSE management system processes. 
  • Require that we all take full responsibility for our own health and safety and of the persons around us in a teamwork environment in which we all care for each other. 
  • Always conduct our business with consideration for effects on the environment in a way that minimizes our impact in terms of pollution, waste, and inefficient use of natural resources. 
  • Continuously monitor all environmental aspects of our operations and seek to minimize the impacts on the environment and strive for zero spills to the environment. 
  • Minimize the generation of hazardous waste to the extent technically and economically feasible and handle all wastes in an environmentally sound manner. 
  • Anticipate and plan response and recovery to HSE-related emergencies, crisis, and disruption. 
  • Promote a culture where all incidents and near misses are openly reported and investigated, take corrective actions, and verify the effectiveness of those actions. 
  • Recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate outstanding contributions to our HSE efforts. 

Glen Miller
Chief Executive Office 

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